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The Optical Store App

Online platform for traditional/brick and mortar optical stores. We facilitate your optical store needs by preparing you for your visit, no longer will you walk in for your visit confused and unaware of your options. Go for your next eye visit and get what you desire without feeling upsold. We pride on creating a hassle-free and enjoyable experience for both customers and store staff.

Services We Provide

Increase your user loyalty by maintaining mutual communication and nurturing your online community.



1-Hour Service
Same Day Exams
Set-Up Reminders

Visit Guide

What To Expect/FAQs
Provider Listing


Flash Sales
App-Only Deals

Business Dashboard

Track Customers
Live Chat Support
Customize Store Page

Optical.ly Benefits

Faster appointment-scheduling
Exclusive product offerings and deals
Build, grow, and maintain cuustomer relationships
Information on eyeglasses, contacts, exams, and other services/add-ons


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